Ms. Ritu Gorai, CCO, JAMMS

Dr. Rajesh Gokani and Mrs. Minal Gokani, Health and Lifestyle Diseases Management Advisor

Ar. Anchal Chopra, Architect

Mrs. Aarti and Mr. Vishesh Nihalani

Mr. Asutosh Srivastava, Professional Property Investor & Himanshu Srivastava, Student, Brighton University, UK

Mr. Asutosh Srivastava, Professional Property Investor

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Himanshu Srivastava, Student, Brighton University, UK

Mrs. Myrra Lilani, Sam Creasions

Mrs. Aarti Nihalani, Homemaker

Happy Clients

Thanks Meheck Hemnani for the DMIA. It has helped us chose the correct career path for our child and know about his strengths and weaknesses. We would recommend this to all who are worried about their little ones
By Trusha Goda
The classification of inherent attitudes is Amazing, and any doubts we had regarding the Science behind this were put to rest immediately, When Meheck took us through the analysis in detail And guided us through the detailed analysis.
By Geeta Kodwaney
Thank you Meheck for you are guidance. You did bring a change to our outlook in dealing with certain situation with our child..... Today we find ourselves thinking a little differently... certain areas of her positives and negatives, which we had never noticed that existed, have become obvious now..... Would like to also say that<br /> the DMIA test is a genuine tool in understanding child behavior as somethings which we very strongly felt did not work for our child did come up as her weak areas and Meheck has been very patient to answer each query asked and given us techniques to deal with. Would recommend every parent to surely feel the experience we had with this DMIA test done by Meheck for our child.
By Kajal Tushar Mistry
Meheck’s analysis on the personality, behavior, learning styles for all of my family members was bang on.. if one has to think about it, we can save a lot of time, money and effort if we know what our strengths are and focus on them. Thanks a lot Meheck for coming our lives. Thank you God…
By Neena Bajaj
We met her last year in may 2016. It’s been 14 months now. That time I was aimless, now I am not aimless, that time I do not wanted to do anything. Now I want to do something. You had said I should do partnership with someone and not alone as my dmi says so, and aim is to distribution ship or manufacturing in pharmacy or open up a restaurant, that time I was set back because of my health, but since I am strengthening my core muscle of the back since 4 months my health problems have also reduced.
By Nirbhay Sachdev
Excellent analysis of the child. It is very beneficial. It reflects the characteristics of the children and it’s easier to deal with children in today’s complicated environment where everything is technology approached. It helps to focus on your children’s likes and dislikes which is very important so that they remain interested in all the activities they perform. Thank you Meheck for introducing us to this kind of analysis.
By Ankita Shah - Business Partner at Theme Tours and travels
Excellent analysis of the child’s strengths and weaknesses. Meheck Hemnani did a great job analyzing and explaining the reports generated by the finger prints. It helps us as parents to understand our child’s behavior, recognize and encourage development in our child’s strong areas. She also suggested ways to improve on areas that the child may be lacking in. Great experience, would recommend all to go for it!
By Nitika Lund Rupani - Business Partner at
Thanks Meheck Hemnani for the DMIA. It has helped us choose the correct career path for our child and know about his strengths and weaknesses and would recommend to all who have young ones, who are confused regarding their career.
By Manish Jhunjhunwala - Chartered Accountant at MM Jhunjhunwala and Associate
A real insightful experience! We came to know a lot about our kid, which otherwise we might have ignored! Meheck Hemnani was excellent! The guidance she gives is upto the mark and to the point! She doesn't reveal everything if the time is not right. Thank you Meheck Hemnani for showing us light!
By Veeraj Doshi - Director at Arham Techplast Pvt Ltd
Meheck Hemnani is superb at her work... The way she explains the report with simple examples and detailing makes it easier to understand... And the solutions given to implement are very helpful.
By Myrra Lilani - Ownership at Sam Creasions
Thanks Mehek Hemnani for the excellent analysis done & patiently explained by you. We seriously had no clue that finger prints could be of so much help. It was a great experience. I am surely going to recommend this to my friends. Thanks once again.
By Natasha Khattar Malhotra
Thank you Meheck for introducing me to Brain Caliber, an amazing analysis of a person's character. It provides a scientific and detailed analysis of an individual’s habitual trait, strengths and weaknesses. Further, it brings out an individual’s inborn strength that can be utilised early on in life to enhance it further. Just amazing how this can show you the mirror to success, better than reading a horoscope for sure . The counselings too was an eye opener and helps translate the print into an action plan. Meheck has been very instrumental in explaining and helping chalk out a plan to realise ones strengths. Her calm, composed and warm attitude definitely helps one settle in quickly and have a good dialogue without holding back. My personal view is that one should go for this for sure.
By Rheyaa Dcosta‎ - Proprietor at Herbs Wellbeing
Lovely experience...!!! When we sat for counselling after DMIA analysis it was just a very normal thing for us...but gradually we came to know that what really happens with my child on day to day basis and there started the anxiety n beginning of perfect guidance. Meheck were soon good & clear with proper description of solution to every pros n cons...really helped me a lot to channelise my kids energy in a proper direction....looking forward to many more such career counselling from you. I would highly recommend DMIA Analysis by Meheck Hemnani, kindly get it done parents for your kids because its actually not for them but its for us !!!
By Latika Agrawal
Thank you very much for introducing me to DMIA analysis. The analysis you did for my child has been very beneficial to me. It has helped us better understand them and interact with them. It has helped us doing much better parenting. As a result our emotional connection with our children has greatly improved. Thank you and we are so very proud of you Meheck.
By Suraj Serai‎ - MRI Physicist at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Thanks Meheck, DMIA helped identify strong & weak points of Girisha and thus enabling me to work on the areas for her personal development.. It was a good experience and it's worth having this test. Wish u all the very best...
By Shalini Podar Nichani - Proprietor at Designer of Jewellery & Clothing
Meheck Hemnani's analysis of the DMIA report is really very authentic and scientific. It only helps us to identify our strengths and weaknesses,so that we can select our areas of strength and rectify our weaknesses.Its a new thing which has come up. So guys go ahead and consult Meheck Hemnani.‎
By Prof. Tulika Chakrabarti - Economics at Jamnabai Narsee School, Mumbai
Excellent Analysis. And very insightful detailing by Meheck Hemnani.
By Amit Shrivastava - AGM at Reliance Communications
Meheck’s analysis on the personality, behavior, learning styles for all of my family members was bang on… if one has to think about it, we can save a lot of time, money and affort if we know what our strengths are and focus on them. Thanks a lot Meheck for coming into our lives… thank you God…
By Neena Bajaj
I didn’t know what to expect from the analysis. But after the analysis many thing got clear in my head and yes it did help me to make a decision about my carrier. About the accuracy, Meheck ma’am was very accurate about my personality and helped me understand things about me that even I didn’t know.
By Dhanish Malak
DMIA - And my personal experience. As a mom, it’s quite a daunting task to raise kids who differ from each other – not only in terms of interests – but also in their personalities and temperament. If they were all the same, what a perfect world this would be! Unfortunately, this is not what nature intended. People are different from each other, even if they’re related in blood or belong to the same direct family line. The challenge of parenthood, in my case, has always been to understand my child's uniqueness and to deal with her differences. People have a variety of approaches on coping with life, how they learn in the academy and in the so-called school of hard knocks. As a mom, I describe my parenting style as “cool,” to say the least. I put no pressure on my kiddo to top her classes in school (even though I was an honour student myself). Its just important that the child develops the discipline for learning, human relations & street smarts to cope with whatever life deals them later on. DMIA is a MUST assessment tool for every family. It helps relationships to grow strong as we understand each other better. It gives parents clear recommendations and approach on how to deal with their children’s innate personality, characteristics, learning styles, multiple intelligence and career planning. I want to personally thank my dear friend Meheck - who guided me through this program as my Consultant. It has certainly been an eye opener and helped me understand my child better. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS!!!
By Deepti Mehta - Relationship Manager at I & I Consultancy Services LLP
Thank you Meheck Hemnani for the Dermatoglyphics Analysis. After meeting you I feel it's essential for all the parents to take us this analysis for their kids. All the concerns and confusion regarding children is normal but the analysis has eased out all the tensions n concerns. The report read by you rather analysed by you has covered everything and I as a mother feel more confident in choosing the best for my kids now. Thanks!!
By Sonalini Singh
I am very happy that I did dmit test and counselling for my 3.5 year old kid which has not only helped me to understand my child better but also how to deal with her at her worst times . I m glad I took this as it has helped me as a mother to connect with my child better and also work on areas where I was stepping behind. Counselling done was so accurate that I could connect with my child's behaviour pattern a I was also suggested the ways to deal with it. Her counselling is not only around child but she also counsels the parent and bonding and improving relationships. I would definitely recommend her. Her counselling was close to 100% where in she told that it would be 90%. The best part is the way she connects with you. Thanks Meheck Hemnani for the help.
By Nikita R - Director - Felize Traveler Pvt. Ltd.
Heartfelt thanks to Meheck Hemnani.. For the DMIA of my daughter: we were so confused about what would be better for her commercial studies or science for her elatives in grade 9. This was our only reason for the DMIA when we went to give her the finger print scans.. But what followed later was simply amazing.. A session which I never thought would go for 4 hours and she answered all our queries patiently from parenting to the best career choices for my daughter she explained everything in detail.. Thanks Meheck Hemnani for being so patient with us and tolerating us for so long.. After the session we are so much at peace of mind thanks Neha Kare if it wasn't Mumo where could we have found all the beautiful people around...
By Prema Saldanha - Manager Human Resource - Indeus Life Sciences