Help identify your child’s true strengths and hidden potential, and how to nurture them right.


Understand the dynamics of your relationship with someone – be it a parent-child, husband-wife, or any other type of relationship – and how to improve your communication and compatibility.


Maximize your employees’ productivity by understanding their innate strengths and weaknesses.


Set your expectations right by understanding yourself better. Figure out your inborn talents, identify your preferred learning style, build your confidence, and make smarter choices for your life.


Graphology is the study of physical characteristics and patterns of handwriting of an individual throwing light on the psychological state of the person at the time of writing. The pattern of handwriting is nothing but the reflection of mind, depicting the person’s current personality traits.


The Access Bars is a wonderful treatment of gently touching 32 points on head of a person to release anything that doesn't allow him to receive. It contains all the thoughts, beliefs, ideas, emotions, and considerations that are stored in that person’s current lifetime and 10000's of earlier lifetimes.