How does Graphology work?

When we write something on a paper, our personality gets imprinted on the sheet; it reveals some aspects about our personality. Graphology studies about the strokes in handwriting, which leads to a personality trait of the writer. The hand receives a message from the brain to make a stroke that reveals information aboutwhat we are, how we think, feel and behave and also about our likes and dislikes. Each pen stroke we make reflects our personality.

Handwriting is an impression of our mind. Our nervous system acts as a connection of brain to hand. A thought in our brain is relayed by an electrical impulse through the nervous system and fibers of our body, arm, hand and fingers. The fingers are only a part of process that are used for putting our thought into writing. Handwriting Analysis is hence known as the Brain Writing of a person.

The thoughts and feelings in the human mind have quick impact in the form of handwriting. We will find differences in the handwriting written in various moods when we are angry, happy, tired or feeling sick. When we compare these different samples, we will notice the difference in pen stroke, even though the handwriting is the same.

A handwriting analysis report can help us understand our own strengths and weaknesses and helps us to make decisions for our personal and professional life. With handwriting analysis, we can discover and understand what someone else is like, what are their expectations, and how to approach them and this make our contacts much easier with your family, social, and business life.

By undergoing the Handwriting Analysis from us, you can be benefited by the following :

  1. It can help you to understand yourself in a better way.
  2. You can understand other people’s nature, behavior and way of thinking.
  3. It can help you choose a career most suitable.
  4. It can help you to guard your health.
  5. It can also be useful for an employer to get the best fit for the job profile.