Case Study 1

The Case Background

A couple consulted Meheck for their 17 year old child. The client was studying at a renowned Institute of Technology and Sciences in the 2nd year.  The boy was a brilliant student, topper throughout school years and chose to study Engineering by free will.

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis (DMIA) Service Availed

Career Counselling

DMI Analysis Results

The analysis presented a true picture of the student.

A complete behavioural study with learning styles and communication styles as well as detailed strength and weakness chart and career recommendations list was shared with parents of the client.

Although an intelligent person and a vivid learner with good implementation skills, the Client did not have his strengths in Technical Studies. The option of Technical Studies showed only  3 stars. Obviously the client was stressed, not enjoying his field of study.

Moreover he was analysed to be a less vocal person. Hence, he was unable to vent his feelings and share them with his parents in an appropriate manner and was going through a lot of non-performance pressure. Parents who were not from technical background were unable to understand this and tended to push the client towards academic performance often using demotivational techniques.

This pushed the client into a more quiet zone with minimal need based communication with parents.

The client thus resorted to gaming and addiction to social media (Observation by Parents – Info provided halfway during the counselling session).

Although the lesser of the known addictions (food/smoke/drugs) but social media addiction and gaming addiction are equally difficult to wean.

This further reduced the clients academic productivity resulting in further pressure from peer and parents. A vicious circle of stress and non performance was thus formed.

Remedial Tips and Techniques / Guidance

Engineering Studies was a 3 star area, the best option would be to shift educational goals and career path. But the client was not willing to change his career path as he did not wish to waste a year. Hence Meheck suggested various tips and techniques suited to his learning style so as to aid him in his stressful academic years.

Parents were also guided so as to understand what were the stress creators in their childs life.  Since client did not have many close friends, which was evident in the analysis, he would look forward to company from the father. The father was guided to go for a morning walk or a sport of mutual choice with the client which was a stress busting activity for the client as well as a bonding time with parent and child.

Also Meheck suggested a shift to Management Studies post the Bachelors in Engineering since it was a  5 star recommendation for the Client. A second consultation was scheduled with the client when he was 18 years of age to give him a personal counselling guidance.

Case Study 2

Case Background

Age: 21years
Education : Under Grad Degree Bachelors in BIG Bio Economics and Innovation Governance
Service Availed : Career Counselling

The student approached Meheck Hemnani through his mother. Their main concern was that the individual was without a direction how to go forth with his degree and had no proper career plan. There was a lot of contemplation in the mind whether to join family business or to pursue higher studies or both. Decision Making was difficult and crucial as it did involve time of the individual as well as a large amount of money for a Masters degree in London.

Action Taken

A DMI analysis using fingerprints was done. The findings of the analysis showed fine business acumen in the individual. It also showed a passion towards education and learning as well as a yearning to work in teams and achieve his worth. Emotions and Appreciation was found to be a key factor in motivating the individual which was lacking in the father child relationship leading to a formal cordial relationship and not a bond. This led to a lack of confidence and difficulty in decision making as feelings and emotions were being misinterpreted and miscommunicated.

Guidance and Counselling

The individual was counselled regarding feelings of a parent and Access Clearings were used to clear any fixed point of views about the parent and child relationship. Many more clearings were done around motivation and self judgement to bring back the confidence of the individual.

Access Verbal Clearings work like magic, erasing fixed points of views which block a persons mind disabling him from viewing beyond what he perceives as obvious. Once these are done the relationship is like an empty slate and can start his task afresh. It gave the individual more clarity of thought and jumpstarted new creative ideas.

The counselling session was then diverted towards what was the underlying passion. A career plan was chartered where in the individual could work as an intern in the same institute where he would like to study as well as pursue his masters degree. The career plan also included tips on how the individual could develop his business and what sort of work environment would prove productive.

Mentoring and team work were shown as the path to be taken up and goal setting tips were shared. Long term career plan was also identified as a trainer and life coach.