Meheck is an established faculty at esteemed management institutes in Mumbai such as MET Asian Management Development Center, Indian Education Society Management and Research Center, Chetnas Institute of Management Research, Gurunanak Institute of Management, Center for Management.. Initiative by Thadomal Shahani Engineering College others. She is an authority in quantitative subjects such as Business Statistics, Research Methodology and Operations Research.

DMIA Analyst and Consultant – Brain Caliber, Holds position no. 3 on the Dermatoglyphic Analysts Association of India panel.. She has analysed and counseled numerous individuals in last 5 years.

Speaker on the social etiquette project of media channel RED FM 93.5 Gentlemann ki baat.

  • MBA from MET Mumbai Education Trust Mumbai, India.
  • B.E. Biomedical Engineering from Thadomal Shahani Engineering College, Bandra.
  • CFA for Titan Industries Ltd.
  • BALLY Sagoo Multi Media Project Organiser for Philips India
  • Brain Caliber Certified.
  • DMIA Expert, Career Counsellor, RELATIONSHIP Counsellor.
  • IDC Certified Career Counsellor.
  • ACCESS Bars Facilitator.
  • ACCESS Body Process Practitioner.